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Monday, April 15, 2013

Want to go fast?

Most of these blog posts have been about fat tires, some were very fat, but recently I've spent some time on skinny tires and down in the drops. This hasn't been entirely foreign to me, I had a road bike until I sold it late last summer. What has been foreign is that the two bikes I have been riding are both very fast and both very comfortable. One is more comfortable, the Domane, and the other is much faster, the Madone. I first rode the Domane last summer and was blown away by how comfortable and efficient it is. My first ride on the Madone  blew me away because of how fast and stable it is. Matt had his best time up the Divide on a 2013 Madone, even though it was early season and "only" equipped with Ultegra.

My first real ride on the Madone was through Sardine Canyon to Logan and I was blown away by how fast AND comfortable it is. I signed up for my first shot at LOTOJA this year and had made my decision to ride it on a Domane, until that ride. Undoubtedly, the Domane is the more comfortable ride and still more than acceptably quick, as demonstrated by Fabian Cancellara this Spring. But the new Madone is the fastest bike I have ever ridden and silly fun to ride. Because of this, I ordered my Madone today. And also why I am willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort, as provided by the Domane, in exchange for some extra speed. Here's a video about what makes the 2013 Madone extra special.