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Friday, October 18, 2013

Autumn Riding

With the days getting shorter and trails getting smoother, the best way to experience October is from the seat of a mountain bike with a light strapped to your head, handlebars, or both. We've been hitting the trails both early morning and late evening to get the most out of this time of year. It really can't get better. The trails are in perfect condition almost the entire month, traffic on the trails is at a minimum because most people have started to transition to inside mode, and the temperatures are still good enough that when grinding up a climb you stay plenty warm. Here's a short video of one of the night rides. For those familiar, this is Sardine Loop from Wheeler's Canyon.

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  1. Night riding is pretty fun and definitely something we look forward to come. I tried night riding with Conspiracy Premium Build and you know riding in the dark makes you feel like you are going much faster than you actually are and we reckon it’s pretty good for skills too, it really makes you look up ahead to check out the trail in front of you.