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Monday, May 18, 2015

Yeti Super Bikes

You've probably already read all of the reviews of Yeti SB-5c and SB-6c. They get great reviews because they are awesome bikes. In appearance alone, they stand out. With so many awesome bikes available, it's hard to stand out any more. But to be able to stand out in appearance and performance is an amazing feat.

The first thing I noticed was the acceleration. Usually that kind of instant gratification from stepping on the pedals is reserved for hardtails. But I was able to stay on the gas through rock gardens and roots. I pedaled up Taylor Canyon, (which is rocky in sections, rooty in others, and twisty all over), and never had to worry about adjusting switches, then I dropped the seat and never felt like I needed a more plush suspension coming down. That being said, I'm not sure there is a more plush suspension. The new fox 36 is an amazing fork and the rear wheel stuck to the ground the entire descent. Because the experience with Taylor Canyon was fairly early on in my ride I was afraid that it would be hard to get the bike up in the air. Usually a plush bike soaks up your effort to pop off of smaller lips and the likes. The first time I went to really get it up in the air I was startled because I lifted drastically harder than I was expecting. Usually a bike this capable for descents isn't as much fun on cross-country trails. They just mute the trail too much and so you have to ride it hard to really enjoy it. I always want something that will handle anything from Burro Pass down Porcupine Rim but also let me pedal up and around Snowbasin. I usually compromise. I have found the perfect bike for me. I had an SB-66c a couple seasons ago, it has been my favorite bike until now.

And for all of you that read these ramblings and were wondering what happened with the SB-5c that I was supposed to let you know if it were capable of satisfying my wants for a longer travel trail bike. It is adequate. But I had an opportunity to go bigger, and because I have a need to compensate, I took that opportunity.

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